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Despite the fact most of insurance companies think SKYDIVING is dangerous activity, We Know the fact! Our IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance®  has the "Adventure Sports Rider" Option to cover most of extreme sports, including SKYDIVING. (see our Brouchure for restrictions)

Check your travel insurance contract, and if your insurance contract doesn't cover SKYDIVING, or you don't have any insurance, get ours NOW.

Contract start as low as $1.15 daily rate(*1) for Maximum Limit $2,000,000 Premium Amounts!!(*2)

It's not too late even if you plannig your skydive tommorrow. Our online application can make our insurance contract effective right 24 hours from now.

Even you are in the destination country already, you can still apply!

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Patriot Travel Medical Insurance is designed to meet the needs of international travelers looking for temporary medical insurance coverage while traveling outside of their home country. In addition to medical benefits, the plan includes coverage for emergency medical and political evacuation, repatriation, and a choice of deductibles and plan maximums up to $2,000,000.


There are two plans available: Patriot InternationalSM provides coverage for U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S., and Patriot AmericaSM provides coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country. 

(*1) :  5 days minimum    (*2) :  Limited to $50,000 for "Adventure Sports Rider" Option

In The News

Tandem student pelvic injuries- Pacific Skydiving, Dillingham, HI - 11th October 2013

Skydiver seriously injured at Dillingham Airfield Star-Advertiser
A 34-year-old male skydiver suffered serious injury Friday afternoon after a hard landing at Dillingham Airfield.
The accident occurred at 12:57 p.m. Friday. Pacific Skydiving Hawaii general manager Guy Banal said nothing ...

For ethical reason from State of Hawaii Insurance Producer, you can not purchase our insurance if you are planning make skydiving at any facilities listed below.

  • SKY-MED INC dba Pacific International Skydiving Center (due to multiple lawsuits from injured tandem customers)

Skydiving facilities on lawsuits


  • case number 1CC12-1-000594 JOSHUA TRAUBITZ ETAL vs SKY-MED INC
  • case number 1CC12-1-002287 HOI YOUNG JUNG vs SKY-MED INC ETAL


CAUTION : SKY-MED INC is using multiple names below for typical reason.

Look for this seal!

(Photo is not related the accident above but another.)